Personal Wildlife Experience

A safari in East Africa is a special experience. The abundance of wildlife that you can see in these parts of the world is stunning. And it is absolutely amazing how close to the animals you can get.

When you go on safari with Papa Musili Safaris, we add one more ingredient to this already spectacular show: Choice. We ask our clients what they are interested in and what they want to see. Of course, we cannot influence the animal movements – even though the experience and the networking skills of our drivers mean that we know pretty well which animals can be seen where at any given time. But we can make sure – and we do make sure – that our clients can spend as much time as they want with the animals they are interested in. Some people are obsessed with lions. Others are in love with monkeys, birds, antilopes – you name it. Listening to the clients and paying attention to their interests makes all the difference.

Our drivers are also flexible enough to make small adjustments to the itinerary if the current animal situation and the clients’ interests suggest it. Maybe a rare animal has been spotted by another car on the early morning game drive? Let’s go and look for it after breakfast! Or maybe there’s a lot of cars “chasing” a couple of lions on one side of the park so there’s a good chance to check out that big group of buffaloes on the other side with nobody else around? Our clients get to decide what we do.

At Papa Musili Safaris, we treat every safari like a brand new one – so that it can become an experience of a lifetime for our clients.

Example Itineraries

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Discover the most iconic National Parks in Africa on this two week tour through Kenya and Tanzania, and experience fascinating wildlife in a variety of breathtaking sceneries.

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Safari Swala Pala (Kenya)

Experience unique wildlife, visit social projects and historical sights and relax at pristine tropical sand beaches on a two week tour through Kenya.

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Safari Swala Tomi (Tanzania)

Discover the best Tanzania has to offer on this two week tour, combing the amazing Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater with a beach stay on the spice island Zanzibar.

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