Sustainable Travel

We love East Africa. We love the different types of landscape, the unbelievable variety of wildlife with countless species of animals both on the ground and in the air. We love showing our clients everything this part of the world has to offer. And that’s why we want to make sure it stays this way, and arrange our travel itineraries in the most sustainable way possible.

Vehicles and Driver Conduct 

We maintain our vehicles in good shape to minimise the impact they have on the environment. Because we know they are more petrol-efficient and less disturbing to the animals if they are checked regularly and serviced properly. Also, nobody likes a car that smokes like a chimney.

Our drivers also do their bit for the environment. They don’t litter and they stay on the marked roads or tracks (except where it is allowed by the authorities to leave them), helping to keep the fragile eco systems intact. And they drive at moderate speeds to avoid excessive petrol consumption – and to make the trip safer and more comfortable for our clients.

Sustainable Accommodations

Every new accommodation we start working with has to answer a range of questions about sustainability. Where do they source their energy and water? How much of it is consumed and how is the used water disposed of? How do they handle their waste and what do they do to keep it to a minimum? Where do they source their food and how is it produced? We favour accommodations that have good answers to these questions and policies or ideas for improving in this area.

Supporting Conservation Projects

We support various conservation projects by including them in our safari itineraries. This generates income and raises awareness for these initiatives. For a few examples of projects we visit, please check out the Visits to Conservation Projects page.

Common Sense in the Office

In our office, we also try to be as sustainable as possible. We only print what really needs to be printed and we don’t leave computers running unnecessarily.