The Colobus Trust

The conservation organization of The Colobus Trust was founded in 1997 and is located at the Diani Beach 35 km south of Mombasa.

Initially it was established with the aim to preserve the population of the Angolan Colobus monkey which is strongly affected by the economic development of the region and the related expansion of infrastructure. They die a horrible death or get badly hurt caused by motor accidents when they move in their home range which has been bisected by a major road.  This risk is reduced through the construction of so called ‘colobridges’ spanning the road at the most dangerous spots. Another threat occurs by coming into contact with un-insulated power lines in the treetops which causes death and injuries through electrocution. The Trust successfully cooperates with the Kenyan Power and Lightning Company and gets assistance with regularly cutting back the trees around the power lines. In addition they urge local hotels and businesses to insulate their power lines. Furthermore the Trust responds to calls to rescue distressed monkeys not only due to road injuries and electrocution but also to snares and animal cruelty. In an own veterinary clinic injured primates are treated, nursed and rehabilitated.

Another main part of the work consists of creating awareness to residents, hoteliers and tourists and imparts knowledge about proper handling with primates. Hotel kitchens, waste places and feeding tourists are attracting primates regularly so that they become a true pest in the meantime. Besides creating a negative image for some hotels the primates are exposed to the threat of being attacked or chased away with cruel and unacceptable methods. Workshops and seminars are given for all parties concerned, even for primary and secondary school children, to ensure a peaceful co-existence of human and wildlife.

Furthermore the mission of The Colobus Trust is to protect Diani’s last patch of primary forest and to develop the Diani Forest Conservation Area. Thereby the company works together with local groups to protect and restore areas as well as it implement projects which include forest surveys, reforestation and the development of sustainable forest use ideas, for instance bee keeping.

Papa Musili Safaris Ltd. is a member of Colobus Trust and supports this project with a yearly fee which is used to finance their activities. In addition to that, well-directed excursions are provided to create awareness for this project to clients.