Fair Travel

Creating the perfect holiday for our clients is a lot of hard work. We believe that the people doing this work should be treated fairly and receive decent wages or salaries – regardless of whether they work for Papa Musili Safaris or for one of our partner companies.

Fair Treatment of the Staff

We ensure that all the staff involved in providing our services are fairly paid, receive medical care and are employed on a long-term basis wherever possible. We actively develop the skill sets of our own staff, for instance through training programs, conferences or online seminars, and we encourage our partner companies to do the same.

Think Global, Act Local

We are committed to supporting local communities. We prefer accommodations that employ local people and obtain as much of their food from farms nearby as possible. And wherever we can, we work with companies with East African ownership to ensure that the profits from our safaris stay in East Africa and strengthen the local economies.

Supporting Community Projects

We support a range of different community projects by including them in our safari itineraries. This generates income and raises awareness for these initiatives. For a few examples of projects we visit, please check out the Community Based Tourism page.