Fast Response and 24/7 Availability

In the travel business, speed is getting more and more important. More clients than ever before plan their holidays at the last minute. And even those planning far in advance want to get an offer quickly, to avoid temptation from other offers – and to have more time to look forward to the trip.

Guaranteed Response Times

This is why we guarantee to answer every request within 24 hours, and why 90% of our offers are sent within two business days.
The other 10% are related with our Tailor-Made Packages, where we gladly invest the necessary time to find just the right option to satisfy our client.

24/7 Availability

Another important point is that we are available around the clock, seven days a week on our office phone number to take care of urgent issues. Because when a client is experiencing anything on their travels that needs to be dealt with right away, we want to be there for them.